First and foremost, I am both a PRODUCER of music and ENGINEER of audio and sound. I wear two distinctly different hats and both comfortably fit. It’s not easy to hear your own music and then critique it objectively so that the listener can get the feelings you intended for them to feel but I have learned to do just that. I have always been intrigued by all sorts of entertainment.

There has always been something about music which captivated me. My first introduction to music were two turntables and a mixer. I taught myself to mix but mostly the manipulation of the mix. I wanted to blend acapellas with beats and not just one song to another. I started producing beats in 2001 with the intention to bring a mix of original beats and poetry which captured my many moods and thoughts.

After a little while, I started experimenting with sound manipulations and creative deliveries. Slowly, I started gaining ground on my own style. I never wanted to sound like others so I chose not to develop that typical commercial sound or style.I wanted to be known as a person of creative abilities and not just as another producer. Now, I am no longer finding my style but perfecting it. I do not identify with any one genre. Whatever mood I’m in dictates the style of track I produce.

My preference is to fuse as many influences as possible into every track. Each track is very personal and I will not release it until I feel every intention has been met.There’s absolutely no limit to what I can do as long as I stay true to always pushing myself and delivering my own flavor to each beat.

JustMusique is the result of my search to find unique and innovative approaches to music and sound. I never allow commercialism to affect my music. I strive to push myself in everything I do, when it comes to music production and engineering. I expect nothing less than complete satisfaction when I create for myself or anyone else. Providing artists with professional music services using Propellerhead REASON , Recycle, Pro Tools , Adobe Audition, Magix Music Producer, Celemony Melodyne, Reaktor and Ableton live

Remixing / Remaking
Original Music
Audio Engineering
Music Production
Propellerhead Reason Training (both one-on-one and classroom based)

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Original Music

“Believing that music is a melodic diary, I share my thoughts and feelings through this medium.”

Marvyn Leblanc (JustMusique) is nothing less than an anomaly in the realm of music production. With absolutely no formal training in musical composition, theory nor techniques he has found a way to accomplish a feat achieved by very few.

With 12 years of hard-knock experience learning by experimentation, Marvyn Leblanc (Justmusique) carved out a style unlike any especially in the commercial space. Hints of his Caribbean roots, Dubstep, hip hop, RnB and Dance are all intertwined in a unique and married dance. Nothing is outside of his reach. And he reaches deep into his emotions when producing.

Going beyond the reaches of producing, Marvyn Leblanc (JustMusique) also tapped into the talent pool of sound manipulation. Never satisfied with standard sounds and configurations, he taught himself to go inside the structure of sounds and architect brand new masterpieces when needed. Again, without any formal training.